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Integrated Medicine • Wellness • Weight Loss • Skin Rejuvenation


We promote health and wellness through preventative measures designed to help you feel your best regardless of age or circumstances.


Thank you for your interest in Essential Health by Karen Hanson NP

I have worked in healthcare for over 15 years. During that time I have often been frustrated by the overwhelming burden of providing medicine to treat disease and manage chronic health issues. This leaves very little time for the practitioner to provide true healthcare or disease prevention education. As a busy practitioner or as a consumer of healthcare you may feel the same frustration. That is why we have opened Essential Health. To fill in the gap.

The US is currently the most unwell nation in the developed world. According to a recent study looking at health in 17 developed nations, we are dead last. The current system is not working.

Existing in a state of being exhausted, depressed or unwell, is not fulfilling. At Essential Health, we are looking to change the status quo by providing a more boutique healthcare, tailored to your needs and designed to help you reach your goals of optimal health.  I have spent years refining a process that aims to keep you well instead of healing you when you are not. By performing tests, studying lab results and listening to patients we design a wellness plan with the goal of preventing illness and disease long before it starts. In those with existing health conditions we strive to restore health.  


Some of the most common issues we help people with are:
Peri-Menopause and Menopause
Andropause or Male Hormone Balance
Bio-identical Hormones
Thyroid dysfunction
Adrenal stress
Weight issues
Non-hormonal treatment of hormone imbalance
Elevated cholesterol
Fatigue issues
Sexual Health issues
Functional Medicine
Supplement and vitamin guidance


 Having trouble achieving your goals alone?  Find out how we can help.




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Having trouble achieving your goals alone?  Find out how we can help.